Fleeble Widget (fleeblewidget) wrote,
Fleeble Widget

A great idea for a perfect world

I had a funky idea for an internet game.

I would use the 'random search' facility to locate the journals of complete strangers on livejournal. I would post a cryptic clue to the first one on here, and then the next clue as a comment on their journal (with a plea to them not to wreck the game). The final clue would reveal a secret password for accessing a page on my website, which would give one final (difficult) puzzle. The first person to solve this would win.

Which would have been a fun little game. Except, the first few journals I brought up with random search all seemed to belong to manic depressive American teenagers, who I didn't think would support the cause.

Another one for the 'Games to Play in Utopia' list...
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