Fleeble Widget (fleeblewidget) wrote,
Fleeble Widget

The sky is blue...

And I'm having a great day!

Got up early this morning, about 10.50 am, to go and talk to the nice friendly people in PJM about whether Andy and I can share a house next year, we filled in a form, all very promising. They were nice friendly peopl, though I think I might have scared them a bit:

RUTH: We would like to live in the same house as each other here next year.
RUTH: Yea, not here as in this reception area. Though we could live here, we could have sleeping bags on the floor and be your friends.

On the way to PJM, the view from the bridge was absolutely staggeringly beautiful, the sea was a really deep blue colour, the whole town looked so perfect. I arranged with Andy that we would meet up later and go down to the beach. When I first got back and told JTA, he said he wasn't coming with us. He changed his mind later though, and we all went down to town. Andy went to the bank, and JTA and I went to B'Wise where I bought some big fluffly towels. Then to South Beach, where JTA read one of the books for his exam tomorow and Andy and I went exploring on the big rocks by the old bathing pool.

When we got back from that, I was already quite wet and decided to go for a swim. It was cold...

Then JTA shocked us all by deciding to walk through town to Wetherspoons wearing the two towels wrapped round him, toga-style. We have photographic evidence of this.

Had a really good natured taxi driver on the way back up the hill. Andy and I had pressured JTA into agreeing to open the taxi door and say: "What manner of chariot is this?", to which the driver rather amusingly replied "What manner of attire is that?". He was great!

The short version is - I love Aber!
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