Fleeble Widget (fleeblewidget) wrote,
Fleeble Widget

Murder most boozy

Thanks to everyone who came along (and brought tasty alcohol!) to the murder mystery party on Friday. It may have been one of the best yet - multi-coloured drinks, some fabulous costumes and accents, best robot ever, etc etc. I wish I'd given myself more time to prepare, though; Friday was an insanely hectic day even with Matt Reynold's help and even after I cut three items from the menu (Dan - there's some shortcrust pastry wrapped up in a plastic bag in your fridge, it'll have gone off by the time I get back). I felt quite unwell on Saturday, and managed to enjoy not one but two hangovers.

I've done well for seeing people I don't often see, lately; Kit and Fiona came down to Aber, which was nice, and we had Graham and InThe around for most of this last weekend. I even caught a glimpse of the elusive Bryn at lunch yesterday.

Series two of Dollhouse has ended. I feel sad for all the stories we won't get to hear; there're a lot of gaps. Whedon is deeply sly.

In other news, today I am translating a program from Fortran to Ruby. I feel a bit weird. Although, really, it wasn't a good idea to write a program which is heavy on string-manipulation in a language with almost no inbuilt string methods (trim and index are about all you get), let alone regexp support. Talk about golden hammer...

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