September 8th, 2005

hell's coders

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The housemate who's name we didn't know and who never talks to us did all my washing up, which I'd left piled up in the kitchn ready for a cleaning session this evening. She left a note, which is how I know it was her. Turns out her name is Helen, which just goes to show that guessing people's name is stupid (I would've gone with Samantha).

I don't know what to do about this. I mean, it was a mighty pile of washing up, and I feel like I should buy her dinner or at least beer, but I have absolutely no idea what she's like. I have never exchanged more than 'hello' with her (and even then, I say 'hi' and she nods).

In other news, on Dan's advice I went a-browsing on SourceForge looking for stuff I could help out with. I found a project that was looking for Java coders, but they've yet to tell me what it is (beyond an online multiplayer game) or what they want me to do. Instead they've been bitching about some guy they had a spat with in the past. Ah well. Here's hoping it will all work out ok.

I would look for something else to do as well, but there aren't many Java listings, and what with Kings & Things as well I don't really have the time to learn a new language.

Never mind. I expect it'll be ok. And if it isn't, I can alwasy make K&T open source as an excuse to get somebody else to do the docs...

Night night children. Got to get up early tomorrow to vacuum the floor before the inspection.
hell's coders

Housemate update

I just went and talked to Helen. I gave her chocolates (as suggested by Liz), and she seemed pleased, but didn't invite me in. I still can't decide if she's shy or aloof, but she seems nice. I'd invite her out for a drink, but I never seem to have any spare evenings...