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Munchkin game... Of Doom!

About 11, at Geek Night:

Dan: "Let's play Hacker!"
Andy: "No, let's play Munchkin. It'll be shorter."
General Agreement

3 and a half hours later:

Dan finally wins. All players have been at level nine almost constantly for about half an hour. Several attempts at winning have been made, but all have been prevented, mostly by Andy. Dan wins by one point, in the face of all the cards Matt and Andy had left to prevent him.
All cheer. Except Andy, who nearly chokes on a pringle at having his plot foiled.

And now for something completely different...

...I like to call it sleep.

PS no idea why this is down this side. Pressed something randomly, too tired to try and fix it.

PPS O. Now it isn't. Odd.

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