Fleeble Widget (fleeblewidget) wrote,
Fleeble Widget

As part of my gesture recognition research for my presentation on Friday (yeah right), I've been watching Knightmare at the flat. It was funny. People are dumb. Here's a quote:

'Treguard: Oh no, Mogdred has put a spell on me! (falls into trance-like state)
Mogdred: Spell-casting - S-H-R-O-U-D!
(Dungeoneer vanishes)
Dumb Contestant 1: Dispell - D-U-R-H-S!
(Dungeoneer fails to reappear)
Dumb Contestant 1: I'll try again. Dispell - D-U-R-H-S!
(Lack of dungeoneer)
Treguard: (pretending to wail in agony) Oh... Oh, Oh....
Dumb Contestant 2: Stalactite!
Treguard: (mumbling under his breath whilst pretending to still be in a trance) The letter 'O'...
Dumb Contestant 3: I've got it! Dispell - D-U-O-R-H-S!
(Dungeoneer reappears)'

Stupid people are funny.
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