Fleeble Widget (fleeblewidget) wrote,
Fleeble Widget

Even though...

...I've just registered for the MEng degree scheme, which means I'll be here a year longer, a year in which I have no idea what my funding will be like;

...I got soaked on the way to work, and because there's nowhere to hang your clothes I had to squeeze back into my wet jeans at the end of the shift;

...The Gregynog trip is on the weekend I wanted to go away with JTA for a little break;

...Many of the people I care about are under a lot of stress and I'm quite worried about them;

...My mother and my little brother keep having fights and expecting me to sort it out even though I'm hundreds of miles away;

...I've hardly seen JTA today and shaln't see him until the morning (and I'm worried about him)...


...I'm feeling ok. Bryn picked me up from work and drove me back to PJM, where we had tea, cake and gossip. Now I'm going to have a hot bath, then eat, then write me some code.

Have a good one tonight folks, and Kit: If I don't see you again before you go, thank you for coming. It's always good to see you.
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